One of the snakes captured by the Civil Defence Force (APM) in several locations in Kota Setar and Kulim.

ALOR STAR: Over 70 snakes have been captured in several locations in Kota Setar and Kulim within the span of two weeks due to the recent flooding in the state.

Civil Defence Force (APM) spokesperson Mohd Zain Baharum said the snakes were displaced by the floodwaters and ended up getting washed into flooded homes in Kota Setar.

Among the type of snakes found in homes from Sept 22 until Oct 3 were the king cobra, cobra and python.

He added that once floodwaters receded, these reptiles tend to feel threatened and would hide in the dark corners.

"Until last Tuesday, our team received numerous wild animal reports and of the total, 39 snakes were capture in the houses which were inundated by floodwaters.

"We advise the public not to take any risk by trying to catch the snakes on their own.

"Those who encounter the reptiles are urged to immediately alert the rescue team, who is well-equipped and skilful in catching the reptiles," he said when contacted.

Over in Kulim, an APM spokesperson, Mohd Fadhil Fahmi Zaini, said apart from evacuating the victims in the district, his team also have their hands full catching over 30 snakes at flood-hit areas throughout the two weeks.

He said the snakes caught were mostly king cobras. The snakes will be kept temporarily in cages before they are handed over to the state Wildlife and National Parks Department.

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