Kassim Abdullah, 45 (left) . Pic by NSTP /courtesy of Fire and Rescue Department

with pix by Hamzah Osman

LANGKAWI: "Aisyah..Aisyah...Aisyah..."

That is the only word that came out from the mouth of labourer Kassim Abdullah, 45, as he held a tracksuit while calling for his 5-year-old child.

It was a sorrowful scene, as onlookers and rescuers witnessed Kassim holding the black-coloured tracksuit close to his chest, calling her name in a weak, shattered voice.

The tracksuit was worn by Aisyah, the youngest child in the family, when she and five other children were swept away by strong currents at Kampung Buku Waterfall in Lubuk Semilang here yesterday.

Kassim was praying for a miracle that Aisyah would be found safe but accepted that he should brace for the worst when the tracksuit was found this morning, minus his daughter.

The tracksuit was found stuck on a tree root by members of the public at 11.15am today, some 500 metres from the location where Aisyah was swept away by currents.

Kassim identified that the tracksuit belonged to his daughter and she had worn it yesterday morning.

"I sensed something was different about her yesterday as she kissed my cheek and laid down on my lap, as if she was going somewhere very far.

"I will wait here. Whatever the outcome of the search operation is, I will accept it as His will," said Kassim, from Kampung Bukit Malut.

Aisyah was the only victim of yesterday's tragedy who was still missing.

The body of the first victim Qistina Puteri Wira, 11, was found an hour after the 4.30pm incident. The remains of two other victims Nor Aiman Wahidah Mohd Rosli, 11, and Anis Shahtirah Saad, 12, were found in two separate locations about 12.40am and 11.46am today.

Two other children were also swept away by the currents but they were rescued by other picnickers..

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