The location where the missing teenagers was found by rescue personnel. Pic courtesy of Fire and Rescue Dept.

JOHOR BARU: Four teenagers who were reported lost while hiking up Gunung Soga near Taman Bukit Perdana, Batu Pahat last night were found safe at 10am this morning.

The Johor Fire and Rescue Department said the four were found about 1km from their last known location.

The hikers, all aged 14, have been identified as Mohd Amir Haziq Iqramudin, Mohd Azrul Azizi, and two others known only as Mustakim and Mohammad Affiq.

A search party which was mobilised last night comprised 16 members of the Fire and Rescue Department, 15 policeman, 13 members of the Civil Defence Force and three guides from among members of the public.

The hikers were found safe about 1km from their last known location. Pic courtesy of Fire and Rescue Dept.

Batu Pahat district police chief Assistant Commissioner Abdul Wahib Musa said last night that Amir and Azrul are students at SMK Dato Bentara Luar, Batu Pahat.

He said the incident was reported at 7.15pm when one of the four hikers sent a text message and details of the group’s last location to a friend.

"The incident may have occurred due to them losing their way at nightfall. The search operation began at 8pm last night," said Wahib in a statement.

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