Felda chairman Tan Sri Shahrir Abdul Samad (second from left) dan Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai (left) at the 2018 Felda Lurah Bilut Family Day celebration. NSTP Pix by NAZIRUL ROSELAN.

BENTONG: The Federal Land Development Authority (Felda) 2.0 project will seek to create a Felda community that is not only sustainable but also technologically-adept.

Felda chairman Tan Sri Shahrir Abdul Samad said that Felda 2.0 aims to strengthen the socio-economic status of settlers to widen their activities beyond agriculture.

"We want to create a community that is vibrant and strong. A sustainable community due to the introduction of internet facilities to make them (settlers) smart (technologically-wise).

"This sustainable community would also lead to the preservation of the environment (via settler-involvement in such initiatives)," said Shahrir.

He was speaking during a press conference on the sidelines of the 2018 Felda Lurah Bilut Family Day celebration at Felda Lurah Bilut here Sunday.

Also present was Transport Minister and Bentong member of parliament Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai.

Shahrir said the project seeks to infuse energy for development among Felda settlers.

"This would attract third generation Felda settlers to stay in the settlement and help develop it.

"Last time, (second prime minister) Tun Abdul Razak Hussein launched an experiment (opening the first Felda settlement in Felda Lurah Bilut here in 1958).

"Now, we try a new experiment (Felda 2.0)," he said.

Shahrir noted that the transformation of the community would involve the use of various innovations such as rubberised asphalt for road paving, among others.

He said that such upgrade in the settlement's infrastructure would not only uplift the Felda community but also attract new residents from outside urban areas.

On whether there are plans to expand the Felda 2.0 project to other Felda settlements, Shahrir said that the project would be implemented in three Felda regions this year at a cost of RM30 million.

There are a total of 11 Felda regions nationwide, with Felda Lurah Bilut located within the Mempaga Felda region.

"(In the long run) we seek to develop all 317 Felda settlements (nationwide)," he said.

"(The RM30 million) would upgrade the offices, repair the roads, and beautify the surroundings," he said.

"This would involve the Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government for the creation of a safe city," he said.

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