Residents of Taman Selamat collect water after the area was hit with water disruption. Pic by FARIZUL HAFIZ AWANG

KUANTAN: Residents beleaguered by water problems here since Monday have urged Pengurusan Air Pahang Bhd (PAIP) to provide a water supply schedule for the tanker lorries and the locations of static tanks.

Some 80,000 people affected by the water disruption have expressed disappointment with the lack of information provided by PAIP to help residents stock up on water.

Azri Che Mukhtar, a resident of Taman Selamat here, said that the public needs to be given the schedule in order to ensure that they have ample water supply.

"PAIP could share this information through the media and via social media such as Facebook," said the 29-year-old, who pointed out that this would have been helpful for residents who have to work during the day.

"PAIP's management should have updated their official FB page in order to share information with members of the public.

"This is particularly important in light of the possibility that this water disruption may last up to two weeks.

"How are we supposed to carry out daily activities like washing clothes and cooking during that period?

"Despite PAIP providing water supply lorries including static ones, we still need to be informed on their location," he said here today.

Another resident, Mohamad Kamaruddin from Jalan Mahkota here, said that some food eatery operators in the town centre were forced to temporarily close shop due to the lack of water supply.

The 43-year-old said the low water pressure also interfered with residents' ability to conduct their daily activities.

On Monday via a media statement, PAIP announced that 80,000 users in the district here would be affected by water supply disruption.

It said that the problem was caused by a broken barrier at the Kobat Barrage Gate here.

It estimated that the problem may persist for two weeks as repairs are underway.

Meanwhile, Pahang Drainage and Irrigation Department (DID) chief assistant director Abdul Razak Ahmad said that reclamation works near the Kobat Barrage Gate was being done Wednesday and would be completed soon.

He said the work involves the 80m riverbank to ensure that the water level returns to normal.

"The repair works has started and may be wrapped up in three weeks' time," he said.

Razak said that it may take a longer time as the route to the affected area at Kobat Barrage Gate was cut off by the recent floods.

"We need to repair the road to enable workers and machinery to get to the location.

"We assure members of the public that the water supply problem will be resolved," he said.

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