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KUALA LUMPUR: Family members of a 36-year-old freelance audio and video technician have resorted to raising RM150,000 through crowd funding to pay off his medical bill incurred at Singapore General Hospital.

Mohd Azrul Shaufiz Abu Bakar from Cheras, near here, was on a working trip in Singapore for a concert when he suffered a heart attack on Mar 5.

According to his wife Mazliza Muhamad Yusof, 36, her husband’s work permit had expired just a day before the cardiac arrest, hence he wasn’t covered by any insurance.

“Azrul was at a mall with his friend before he began complaining of chest pain. His friend then took him to a hotel next door where he collapsed.

“He was supposed to come back after a dinner hosted by the concert organiser on Mar 6, however, the insurance he had only covered him up to Mar 4.

“It is very unfortunate for us that this had to happen under such circumstance because he had not shown any sign of heart attack in the past,” said Mazliza who is three-months pregnant.

Azrul and Mazliza, who have been married for four years, also have a three-year-old son.

“If he had suffered a normal heart attack we may not be facing such a predicament but what happened was, following the attack, Azrul had complication because he was unconscious for more than 30 minutes. This affected his brain.

“Moreover, his condition was quite serious in that he was comatose for three days after the attack. Only on the fourth day did he regain consciousness but he suffers from memory lapse, since.”

He was admitted to the Singapore General Hospital from Mar 5 to Mar 9 before he was transferred to Sultan Aminah Hospital in Johor Baru with the assistance of Malaysian Embassy in Singapore.

Mazliza said the family members had obtained approval from the Selayang Hospital for Azrul to have his follow-up checkups.

“ The doctor may discharge him in these few days according to his condition. At the moment, his brother is taking care Azrul in Johor.

“So far, we have collected RM10,000 from Azrul’s friends, colleagues and family members, but that is not enough.

“I don’t know how we can raise that much money, especially with his condition like this. With me expecting our second child, and his current condition, I am not even sure if he can return to work,” she said.

Mazliza said she had no choice but to make a public plea to Malaysians.

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