Former DAP Bukit Emas Seremban secretary S. Vijaiyan Sivanathan. Pix by Iqmal Haqim Rosman

SEREMBAN: DAP must make public the full list of 2,576 party members who voted in the party's Central Executive Committee (CEC) election in 2012.

This list, said former DAP Bukit Emas Seremban secretary S. Vijaiyan Sivanathan, must be published in newspapers of all languages to show to the people that the party is transparent, credible and has nothing to hide.

Vijaiyan said the names of the delegates who were eligible to vote in 2012 as well as their identification card numbers, branches and states should also be made available online.

"The party must this time around listen to the heartbeat of the grassroots before holdings its re-election as we want the re-election to be implemented smoothly, transparently and free of fraud and manipulation," he told reporters here today.

In 2013, the Registrar of Societies' (Ros) had ordered a re-election of DAP’s CEC after it found irregularities and manipulation of votes by the party in its initial election in December 2012.

After the re-election, some party members had claimed that they were denied the right to attend the party congress as delegates.

In June this year, RoS director-general Datuk Mohammad Razin Abdullah instructed DAP to hold a re-election of the party’s CEC, saying that it is necessary as the election of CEC members and key positions via a re-election on Sept 29, 2013 was deemed unlawful.

RoS said last month, the re-election will be based on the 2012 delagates list. To date, DAP has not yet fixed a date to hold its CEC re-election.

"We at the grassroots level do not want a repeat of any unsavoury practises which can tarnish the re-election process this time around. This transparent process is important to defend the integrity of the party," said Vijaiyan.

He added DAP must adhere to the ROS directive and not bow to presssure form certain quarters from the top and should be wary of those who claim that they make decisions for the sake of the party.

"DAP has many lawmakers and we hope that they will obey the party constitution and not break party rules and embarass the party. Those who do not respect the party constitution are not fit to lead the party."

Vijaiyan, who was sacked from the party in 2012 due to his outspokeness, added that the grassroots have the right to voice out their dissatisfaction against those who control the party and lead it towards crisis.

He reiterated that DAP must also appoint audit firms other than PKF Consulting and KPMG to monitor and conduct the re-election process as the two firms are said to have close ties with the party leaders.

"We want a clean re-election and before the CEC propagates to others on (the importance of) being clean, the CEC itself must be clean, transparent, fair and accountable," said Vijaiyan.

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