Workers remove statues from the Taman MBI Desaku, Padang Meha in Kulim on Aug 9.

ALOR STAR: The afternoon session of the state legislative assembly sitting on Monday began with a heated discussion as MCA and PKR assemblymen took turns swiping a Pas assemblywoman for failing to identity the type of statues which were ordered to be demolished near a residential area in Kulim.

The statues in question were Javanese, placed at a theme park in Taman MBI Desaku, Padang Meha in Kulim.

However, Datuk Siti Ashah Ghazali (Pas-Merbau Pulas) claimed that the statues concerned were related to Buddhist teachings.

Siti Ashah, while debating the state Budget 2018, questioned the state government on its pledge to take action on the statues, which she described as inappropriate and offensive.

Merbau Pulas assemblyman Datuk Siti Ashah Ghazali. NSTP pic.

This prompted Chua Thiong Gee (BN-Kulim) to stand up and asked Siti Ashah to specify the type of statues, to which she replied “Buddhist statue”.

“The word statue is too general and as a multiracial country why must we demolish the statue?” he raised the question.

PKR-Bakar Arang Ooi Tze Min joined the fray by asking Ashah to clarify which Buddhist statues she was referring too.

“Please specify the type of Buddhist statue because there are many type of statues including the hungry ghost statue and not all the statues are being worshipped,” he said.

Chua when met after the sitting again slammed Siti Ashah for failing to identify the statue.

It was reported in August that the Kulim District Office had ordered the developer to remove 20 statues following complaints that they were “god-like” and inappropriate.

It is learnt the park displayed more than 30 figures and sculptures of varying sizes in form of popular Hollywood movie characters including Transformer, Optimus Prime, Spiderman and Snow White.

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