Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng is facing disciplinary action by the state assembly’s Committee on Privileges, following allegations of attempting to mislead the house over contradictory statements on the undersea tunnel project. Pic by SHAHNAZ FAZLIE SHAHRIZAL

GEORGETOWN: Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng may be hauled up before the Penang state assembly’s Committee of Privileges.

This is over allegations of attempting to mislead the August house on contradictory statements involving the undersea tunnel project.

Penang Opposition leader Datuk Jahara Hamid said Lim could be hauled before the committee at any time and a motion on the matter would need to be submitted during the next assembly sitting.

“It will be a rather technical process and requires the support of state assemblymen to ensure the committee’s agreement to hear the submission proposing for Lim to be investigated over the statements he made on the project.

“Moreover, Lim’s statement on the project is recorded in the Hansard, is not subjected to time frame and can be investigated at any time," she told the New Straits Times Press yesterday.

Penang Opposition leader Datuk Jahara Hamid. Pic by RAMDZAN MASIAM.

Asked if Barisan Nasional's elected representatives would table the motion, Jahara said detailed preparation had been ongoing for the matter.

"As of now, we will let the people judge Lim's statement for what it is. This is inline with the opposition pact's call for the people to be the 'judge of everything'", Jahara said.

The DAP-led Penang government had been accused of misleading the state assembly and people over contradictory statements on the undersea tunnel project during several previous media conferences.

Pulau Betong state assemblyman Datuk Dr Muhamad Farid Saad advised the people to evaluate the state government's credibility.

"The issue of payment (for feasibility study) made through an exchange of land, had been confirmed by state exco Lim Hock Seng. A note on the matter has also been recorded in an Public Accounts Committee report.

"Most of the people, and I, are bored with Lim's explanation on the matter. Too many contradicting statements to cover up his weaknesses."

Meanwhile, Penang Gerakan vice-chairman Oh Tong Keong said Lim had failed to provide clear explanation to the people, despite the need to divulge details on the mega project's details.

"Lim is just twisting the issue, giving numbers here and there to confuse the people, but in reality, his administration had failed at providing (real) answers to every question which arises.

"The situation clearly shows that he is only looking after his own personal interests."

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