Some quarters claim that e-smoking helps one to quit smoking. (File pix)

SMOKING is said to be one of the hardest habits to quit.

The American Cancer Society, cautions, “the truth is that quit smoking programmes, like other programmes that treat addictions, often have fairly low success rates. But that doesn’t mean they’re not worthwhile or that you should be discouraged”.

Some quarters claim that e-smoking helps one to quit smoking.

However, an independent research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association states that e-smoking increases at least three-fold the likelihood of getting addicted to smoking cigarettes.

What e-smoking does is that it “allows smoking when I can; vape when I must” in contradiction to all tobacco elimination strategies.

Understandably, tobacco companies go all out to encourage e-smoking as this would be a stepping stone to full-blown smoking to expand their business.

If one quits smoking, it decisively lowers one’s chances of getting lung and other types of cancer. It also reduces your risk of heart disease and stroke significantly, and lowers your chances of getting lung problems like chronic bronchitis and obstructive pulmonary disease.

Smoking also ages your skin and studies have shown that an increasing number of people say they won’t date smokers.

Therefore, giving up smoking is an incentive to improve one’s social life.


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