It’s cheap and energy-efficient to keep homes cool with proper roof insulation. FILE PIC

CONSUMERS can reduce their monthly power bills if they save energy. And, there are ways to do it.

My wish as a consumer advocate is to see more homes with energy-saving features.

Yes, we must save energy; it is good for the environment, and it is in line with Tenaga Nasional’s go-green policy.

Air-conditioners remove heat from confined spaces, so it makes sense to stop heat from entering, in the first place.

Roof insulation is one of the cheapest ways to do this. Adequate insulation may even eliminate the need for air-conditioning. I wonder why our houses are not built with the necessary insulation.

This applies especially to low-rise houses, for the low-income households cannot afford air-conditioning and are forced to suffer heat stress. Such insulation will also help the wealthy reduce energy use from air-conditioning.

In Scandinavian countries, building regulations require a roof insulation with a minimum thickness of 25cm to 30cm , but for our local climate, a thickness of 5cm to 10cm would be sufficient.

I hope the government will place the necessary regulations to ensure that houses, as well as commercial and industrial buildings, are required to have adequate roof insulation installed in the initial design and construction to make them energy-efficient.

Bulbir Singh, Seremban, Negri Sembilan

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