(File pix) Voters must not be swayed by the #undirosak movement.

#UNDIROSAK (#SpoiltVote) is an irresponsible move that will tarnish the image of Malaysia if it is not nipped in the bud.

#SpoiltVote should be countered by the Election Commission through creating awareness on the detrimental effects of casting spoilt votes.

As a second-time voter, I feel spoilt votes should be condemned and viewed as a crime.

Media channels, such as television and radio, should be mobilised to curb it. Social media platforms, such as like Twitter and Instagram, can also be used to reach out to people, especially first-time voters.

Since independence in 1957, our country has been practising a democratic system, where elections provide a platform for people to exercise their right to choose leaders. Democracy does not allow people’s rights to be expressed by way of spoilt votes.

People who cast spoilt votes are selfish. They do not think about the implications of their action on the country and fellow voters.

My advice to those who silently or openly orchestrate the #UndiRosak movement is, do not gamble our democratic system away with your foolish action. The general election is not a video game battle that can be restarted if it does not go your way.

Amerul Azry Abdul Aziz, Kuala Lumpur

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