ExaStrata Solutions chief executive officer Adzman Shah Mohd Ariffin says residential properties such as condominiums and apartments are not the responsibility of a single owner. PIC BY ZULKARNAIN AHMAD TAJUDDIN

JOHOR BARU: Getting a reliable manager who is professionally apt to manage stratified properties is a long-term investment that will benefit strata-title property owners.

This is because the person would ensure the maintenance of the property would be conducted in a more orderly fashion.

According to Adzman Shah Mohd Ariffin, chief executive officer of real estate consultant ExaStrata Solutions Sdn Bhd, it was important to hire a good manager, especially for owners who do not stay at the units.

“Residential properties such as condominiums and apartments which come with service amenities and facilities are not a responsibility of a single owner.

“It is a collective responsibility of all purchasers who live in the the same property,” he said.

Adzman was one of the speakers at the Johor-leg of the New Straits Times Press MyRumah Property Showcase held at Komtar JBCC in Johor Baru from May 5 to 7.

He said owners of stratified house units would normally face problems after a year as the maintenance of their buildings would be transferred to residents’ care.

“It can be a nightmare when the building maintenance is fully surrended to the residents’ care.

“Not many are willing to give their commitment to forming a joint management body or management committee to regulate building maintenance and house rules,” he added.

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