THERE are some Feng Shui tips which may be useful for those who want to change their fortune.

While it is wise to save money and not spend too much buying unnecessary stuff, it is also important that you have good qi in your home and workplace.

Some people believe that to have enough money they must have good luck. However, creating wealth isn’t really about having or not having luck, but is associated with a number of factors.

Feng Shui practitioners have perfected the art of attracting good fortune, and the more of these tips are implemented, the easier it will be to attract money.

Some believe that items made of wood can att

ract good fortune because they embody nature’s growth potential.

Others suggest using fountains to attract luck. A good spot to place your fountain would be near the front entrance of your home. Just make sure that the water in the fountain is always fresh and flowing. Never leave it dry. If you want the fountain to generate more luck, place three shiny coins in it.

According to Feng Shui expert Rodika Tchi (who writes for, having plenty of open space will attract the flow of good qi into your home.

Big houses have extra space, giving residents plenty of breathing room which will ultimately draw more wealth energy.

Never block the entrance as it would disrupt the flow of good fortune, namely the powerful energy, from entering the home.

She also said another way to generate wealth for your home is to de-clutter it although this may require an arduous effort to clear all the unnecessary belongings.

Thci said even though Feng Shui wealth colours can be used around the house to enhance the wealth, such as using gold colour for decor items, these colours make no sense if one doesn’t feel connected to it.

She added that when applying any Feng Shui remedies to homes, occupants have to feel comfortable with and have strong energy connection to them.

If gold is not your taste, then opt for another Feng Shui colour for wealth such as purple.

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