A classic chandelier makes a place classy.

CHANDELIERS are common decorative pieces in most houses today, especially in big bungalows and semi-detached homes.

People use chandeliers for different reasons and purposes. Some display them to “dress up” the interior of their house; others use them to enhance the quality of the dining experience or simply to brighten up the living area.

Chandeliers can be dim or bright, depending on where you place it.

The dimmer lights and sparkles are also perfect for private spaces like the bathroom where there is a lazy tub.

While chandeliers are a great addition to just about any room there are some little things that you should know.

Chandelier colour should blend with the home interior.

Attracting qi (life force energy) into your house

If you want more energy coming into your home, hang a chandelier in the hallway, nearer to the front door. Feng Shui practitioners believe that each time you open the door and the light hits the glass or crystals that line the chandelier, qi will be drawn into your house and this would raise the energy level that is already inside.

Make sure all bulbs are working.

Chandelier for the bedroom

The right size chandelier for a bedroom.

Generally speaking, a bedroom is a yin room, which means a room that is more passive. It’s a place where you unwind to replenish your energy after a long day at work. A chandelier which you place in the bedroom must have calming effect. Make sure the chandelier is not too big and bright, and avoid placing it directly above your bed as it would cut off the qi.

The occupant will also feel uneasy and always on guard, resulting in negative health issues.

Hanging chandeliers in corners

A chandelier that fits the tea room perfectly.

It is quite rare to find chandeliers placed in a corner in a house. You spend so much money buying them that you want to place them where your visitors can see them. But if you are interested in material wealth and success, and want harmony at home, then placing chandeliers in corners is a right thing to do. The best places are the north-east and south-west corners of your rooms.

A huge chandelier is not recommended for small space.

Crystal chandelier

Crystal chandeliers are symbolic of wealth and luxury. For stronger effect, place it in the hallway as this will attract auspicious energy to the environment and generate more prosperity.

Nice and fitting.

Don’t walk underneath a chandelier

This is especially the case for a big and grand chandelier due to the energy radiating out and pressing down into the ground below.

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