Wooden elements like swing and pet houses can bring the garden to life.

IF you have been thinking of filling up that outdoor space for quite some time now but have no idea where to begin, get inspiration and tips from landscape designers.

A picture taken on Oct 6, shows a traditional Philippine wooden boat known as 'balangay' sailing in Manila Bay. After conquering Mount Everest, Philippine adventurer Carina Dayondon is set to sail to China on one early next year. Image by AFP

According to NBS Corp managing director David Kho, like any well-designed garden, be it small or large, it has to have a theme and must be carefully planned.

“It doesn’t matter if you want to have a Balinese-inspired look or a Japanese Zen garden, it all boils down to what you are trying to portray. You must also feel comfortable with the environment. Simplicity is key,” he told NST Property.

Kho pointed out that house owners are sometimes confused and prone to make mistakes by putting too many unnecessary elements in the garden, including plants, which are costly and difficult to maintain.

“This would make the garden space overcrowded and unpleasant,” he said.

Riders participate in the annual horse race for drunk riders commemorating the Day of the Dead on All Saints Day at the village of Todos Los Santos Cuchumatan, Guatemala on Nov 1. Image by REUTERS

Kho also said one of the most neglected things among house owners is the drainage system in the garden.

“They seem to pay less attention to it. A good drainage system is important to drain excess water away and dry out your soggy yard,” he said.

“You can also create a running stream in your own garden if you want to (from a makeshift tank), provided that you have sorted out where the excess water will flow. To enhance the whole experience, you can build a nice bridge over the stream,” said Kho.

A view of the 'Megaofrenda' exhibit at the plaza de la Constitucion in Mexico City, on Nov 1, dedicated to the victims of the 7.1 magnitude earthquake on Sept 19 that left 369 dead in central and south of Mexico. Image by EPA-EFE

He said for a wading pool or a koi fish pond or any other water features, house owners should get a good filtering system to avoid hassle later.

A file photo taken from the Soviet daily Pravda and taken on Nov 13, 1957 shows the dog Laika, the first living creature ever sent in space, onboard Sputnik II. Image by AFP

To complement the garden, house owners can choose a wide variety of wooden structures like the gazebos, swing, benches, lamp posts, rock boulders and even pet houses.

“All in all, in crafting a beautiful landscape, we have to try to create a view with a focal point and make sure everything in our garden is pleasing to all our senses,” he added.

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