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IT IS getting real hot in Putrajaya and we are not talking about the weather.

Strategically conceived and planned as a means to shift administrative duties away from Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, located 25km away from the capital, has evolved from a 202ha stretch of rubber tree and palm oil estate to the nation’s federal centralised administration hub.

While technology and modernity is at the city’s core, it is conceived as an “intelligent garden city” - 40 per cent of Putrajaya is dedicated to greenery and landscaping, a departure from the concrete jungle of the capital.


Designed to epitomise Malaysia at the peak of modernity, Putrajaya houses various points of interest that cater to the urban populace. Its standout landmark by far is Putrajaya Lake, a 263ha man-made lake which can accommodate boating and water sports.

Other sights and sounds include Marina Putrajaya and the Putrajaya Maritime Centre, a Recreational Airport; Equestrian Park; District 21; Putrajaya Botanical Gardens; Putrajaya Wetlands Park; and the Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC).

The assortment of venue types — coupled with the exquisite view offered by the lake — make Putrajaya the location of choice for a series of recurring events, including the Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, Royal Floria 2017, and LAMPU (Light and Motion Putrajaya).

For retail, Putrajaya’s two prominent malls, Alamanda and IOI City Mall appeal to young families, the former a popular hotspot before Putrajaya’s development surge. Other notable retail areas include D’Pulze in Cyberjaya and Mitsui Outlet Park in Sepang.

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta.


Being an administration hub, the majority of house buyers and residents in Putrajaya are government employees. Compared to its immediate neighbour, the IT-centric Cyberjaya, Putrajaya, is quieter and housing more affordable - a preferable choice for young adults and families seeking to escape the urban hustle without sacrificing creature comforts.

A cursory survey of Putrajaya property reveals that current property prices in Putrajaya start at around RM500 per sq ft (which are quickly snapped up); average pricing stands at RM660 per sq ft. Average prices for new developments in the township stand at around RM500,000 and can exceed RM1 million. Unit sizes start around 680 sq ft to a maximum of 1,451 sq ft.

Putrajaya is well-equipped to meet the needs (and wants) of the modern family, whether it be retail therapy or for some outdoor activities. Paired with its relatively low density and congestion compared to other townships in Selangor, it is also a conducive sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the capital.


Putrajaya is well-connected to other townships, thanks to a network of expressways. Meanwhile, traffic congestion is a non-issue within Putrajaya compared with other cities and towns in Selangor. Everywhere is within reach and just a few minutes away - driving to work and school has never been so peaceful.

Aside from roads, Putrajaya is also accessible by rail. KLIA Transit, more commonly known by the populace as the ERL (Express Rail Link), has a stop at Putrajaya Sentral, serving Putrajaya and Cyberjaya.


Though there are government-built quarters meant to house civil servants, there is a definite stream of demand in Putrajaya from this audience as they are looking to purchase houses with amenities that match current condominium offerings in the capital. Aside from appealing to first-time buyers, there is also a sizeable rental market, making Putrajaya a boon for investors looking to diversify their portfolio.

Should it be able to attract corporations to set up shop here, expect a new clientele buying up properties in Putrajaya. With a desirable density and easy access to the capital, Putrajaya has all the local house buyer is looking for, and then some.

Menara KBS.


The country’s administration hub presents itself as an appealing township, complete with everything one looks for in a modern home. Combined with easy accessibility, there’s something for everyone right here in Putrajaya.

Families can make the most of their weekend without having to bear the traffic jams that plague Kuala Lumpur, as they can readily head to the lake for a stroll or water-based activities, or partake in various recreational activities like RC car racing. The various parks are also an avenue of exploration and discovery for the young ones, as well as the young at heart.

Working adults stand to commute in peace and comfort, with the many transit options available. Knowing that eateries and shopping centres are just a short drive away from most workplaces, lunch isn’t confined to yesterday’s leftovers or for that matter instant noodles.

Putrajaya even caters to the student crowd. For Putrajaya and Cyberjaya’s many various institutes of higher learning, students will find their needs met, whether it be to grab some supplies, a quick drive to campus to get assignments done, or gathering at the many “mamak” joints for some late-night sustenance.


With only a handful of private developers — three, at the time of writing — making their mark in Putrajaya, there is room for a new entrant, which brings us to this part. Squarely targeting the first-time house buyers and government employees looking to upgrade, this development is geared to disrupt Putrajaya’s property market.

Whereas current offerings average at RM500,000, this upcoming development, a thoughtfully crafted serviced apartment with a grand view of the Putrajaya Lake, offers a two-bedroom unit at RM316,000 - a significant price difference.

It comes replete with all a young urban house buyer could ask for - low unit density and a communal space per floor; high ceilings; and three-tier security for peace of mind. Being one of the most affordable opportunities in Putrajaya as well as Cyberjaya, it is set to rock the landscape, and stands to be an appealing entry point for both house buyers and investors.

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