PFAM president Hairuddin Omar (left) and PFAM CEO Izham Ismail

KUANTAN FA have reached a new low in unpaid wages in the M-League.

The Premier League side have not paid their players for over 11 months since November last year.

On top of it, the management have banned their players and coaches from revealing details about the issue.

However, some players have posted comments on social media, voicing out their dissatisfaction under pseudonyms.

A source in Kuantan said things have become so bad that some players have no choice but to do part-time jobs.

It is learnt that one player has become a delivery boy while another is working as a postman. One player has given up on playing in the M-League and opened a car wash.

Kuantan, who have been playing in the Premier League since 2015, however, have promised to pay the players their dues before withdrawing from the M-League next season.

Serb Stefan Vukmirovic and South Korean Sim Woon Sub left Kuantan in June, while it is still not known whether Japanese Shunsuke Nakatake has returned to the club after the recent break.

Serb Ljubo Baranin, who has scored 10 goals for the club, is still at Kuantan FA.

Professional Footballers Association of Malaysia (PFAM) president Hairuddin Omar said four foreign players have filed complaints against Kuantan to Fifa, while the local players have approached PFAM for help.

“The case is pitiful as these players cannot even afford to come to Kuala Lumpur to file official complaints. PFAM will head to Kuantan soon to meet them,” said Hairuddin.

A letter from the Kuantan players to FAM president Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim and Pahang FA (PFA) president Tengku Abdul Rahman Sultan Ahmad Shah has been circulating on social media since Monday.

The letter stated: “We had no money to celebrate Hari Raya with our families. Things are worse for those with wives and children as they cannot even buy decent meals.

“We do not even have money to fill petrol in our cars to attend training. We acknowledge that Kuantan are not a big club, but they should act responsibly and pay up our salaries. This should not be happening in the era of professional football. We are hungry.”

A source in Kuantan said the players have not been training regularly for the last few months.

“Whenever Baranin scores, he mimics a cow eating grass as a sign of not being paid salary. But the Serb does not want to reveal details as his agent is settling matters.

“The team are not training full time anymore. The players only gather two days before matches. The club owners are in the midst of selling their assets to pay up players and coaches before they fold up

“Coach Zulhamizan Zakaria has been earmarked by PFA to handle the state’s President Cup team next season.

“It is a sad tale as Kuantan had huge ambitions. They wanted to build a stadium in Tanjung Lumpur. The problem was that most of their sponsorships was in kind and not cash,” said the source.

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