KUALA LUMPUR: The Kelantan Tennis Association (KTA) have slammed the Lawn Tennis Association of Malaysia (LTAM) for being unfair in their selection process for the Junior Davis Cup.

KTA president Afzan Zakaria claims that the national body have overlooked Muhd Farid Wajdy for the Under-16 Junior Davis Cup selection camp which started today, despite meeting the requirements.

"As of February, Farid was ranked fourth in the country and was not called up for the selection process while players ranked outside the top 10 have been invited," said Afzan, when contacted today.

"When asked, LTAM said Farid was not called up due to his current performance.

A Tennis coach has expressed disappointment with sports authorities after facing much difficulty in getting sponsorship for his disabled players to compete at a recent tournament abroad. (File pic)

"We, however, feel this is unfair as Farid had from last year been collecting points on the national junior circuit in the hope of making the national team. Obviously, this is very demoralising for him.

"We have no problems with LTAM calling up the top three players in the country for the selection but why are players outside the top 10 in there as well?

"This should not be happening as it is only a selection camp and Farid was overlooked."

Afzan added that KTA will be filing a complaint to the National Sports Council (NSC) on the matter.

"I do not think there is any point in filing a complaint to LTAM as the same people will be replying. We will be going to NSC," added Afzan.

The Asia/Oceania Junior Davis Cup final qualifying event is scheduled in Kuching, Sarawak on April 9-14.

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